Adding a new checklist (or audit form)

Checklists, audits, and periodic reviews can all be implemented through Kraken’s checklist builder. Lets see how to create a new one…

Click the “Checklists” icon on the left navigation bar. It will show all checklists available for you to choose.

You can add a new checklist by clicking “New Checklist” in the top right corner. It will show the “New Checklist Template” page, with which you can build custom checklists.

The “Template Items” on the left side let you customize the checklist. Items can be re-orded by dragging them to the desired position in your new checklist. Click “Save” after you complete all the information.

Tip: You can use the “Header” item to break up checklists into sections, and the “Paragraph” item to add instructions, links, and rich text tot he checklist. Here is an example being made in the checklist builder:

And here is an example of how it looks when the same checklist is being completed:

You can provide a place to upload evidence that a checklist item was completed correctly using the “File Upload” checklist item:

Or inspection form, or assessment, or anything else that is typically represented with checklist items, upload fields, dropdowns, etc. :slight_smile: