Recording course attendance manually

Kraken will give you the ability to tie into learning management systems (LMSs) automatically, so that employees can be automatically registered for courses, and their completion of a course will be automatically recorded.

For now, you can record courses and other training manually. Kraken will keep them all in one place to give you a single auditable system of record, and a single place for reporting and accountability.

Let’s record course attendance for an employee…

First, click “Courses” in the left-hand menu. Then click on the name of any course to bring up the menu for that course.

Click “Attendance” in the sub-menu.

Click “New Attendance” in the upper right. A modal pop-up view will appear so that you can enter the information for the employee who attended training/courses.

You are returned to the the “Attendance” view. Passing vs. failing attendance is color coded.

If the course is part of a requirement, attendance will be calculated into your organization’s compliance score, visible to admins on the dashboard.

If you are looking at any particular employee through the “People” left-hand menu item, you can also see which course/training requirements they are in compliance with:

Clicking on any of the courses in the “Requirements” view for the employee will take you to that course’s information screen, and allow you to record attendance as described above.