Updates for April 13

April 13, 2020 Updates

Howdy Kraken users! We’ve just published these updates for you:

  • CSV Person import lets you quickly import masses of new users all at once!
  • New, better rich text components used throughout the application.
  • Rich text course descriptions and checklist instructions.
    • Add links, embed images and instructions, etc.
  • The title bar now shows who you’re logged in as, and what company you’re logged into (if you have access to multiple Kraken instances or “scopes”).
  • The user menu will let you change scope quickly for folks in more than one scope.
  • New clients and accounts now have a “Default” course category (no configuration needed for brand new accounts).

Images are in the thread below this.

Here are the screen shots:

Rich text allows for images from url, titles, ordered lists, etc:

More rich text in checklists means you can integrate external resources like images, flowcharts, and instructional documents, into your checklists:

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